Boston Fermentation Festival | Aug 27, 10am-4pm

Boston Fermentation Festival Celebrates Fermented Food, Drink & Community!

Foodies and fermentation enthusiasts from around New England and the world will gather at the third annual Boston Fermentation Festival on Sunday, August 27. The festival is in hosted by the Boston Public Market, located at 100 Hanover Street in downtown Boston. The 2016 festival had over 14,000 people in attendance from all over the country and we expect that this year’s festival will be larger and better!

The free event will feature something for everyone, from the novice fermenter to the experienced aficionado. The festival will offer workshops and lectures by leading fermentation specialists including local chefs, at-home fermenters, clinicians & researchers studying the positive health affects of live fermented foods, microbiologists, cheesemongers, and distillers.

There will also be over two dozen exhibitors on hand to sample and sell their fermented foods and drinks, including tempeh, kombucha, sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, beer and handmade ceramic fermentation crocks. Throughout the festival, folks will have the opportunity to try their hand at fermentation at our participatory Kraut Mob, where confident mobsters will lead ongoing sauerkraut-making demos and the public will be invited to make their own kraut and leave with their own jar of fermenting cabbage. Additionally, there will be Fermented Reading Room with authors on hand to sell & sign their fermentation-related books and a Science Corner, where local microbiologists will explore the bacteria and microbes present in cheese-making with microscopes in hand! The market will also feature a hands-on Culture Sharing Table and plenty of curious & creative fermentation schwag.

The festival’s main sponsors include Gingko Bioworks and Indigo Ag. For more information, visit and or call (248) 219-8779.