Beantown Pastrami Company

Beantown Pastrami Company

100 Hanover Street

Boston, MA 02108



Hand carved hot pastrami, corned beef and roasted turkey sandwiches with side dishes.


Beantown Pastrami Company (BPC) was recently formed to make and sell specialty sandwiches by using old world style delicatessen methods, such as steaming, slow roasting and hand carving. BPC is different from most sandwich providers because all the main ingredients are from New England and are not chemically preserved. Using the skills of an old time carver, each food server is trained to artfully turn a large piece of meat or turkey into a moist and sumptuous sandwich. Everything from the bread, cheese, coleslaw and baked beans are freshly made using century-old techniques. If time travelers arrived from the 1800's in New England, they would feel right at home.