In 2015 founder and jeweler MK Byrne brought together her business education and an obsession for tinkering into a jewelry brand made for every day adventure: WILD & FREE. From the incredible ecosystem of arts markets around Boston and countless hours of free labor from family, the business grew over the past four years into her full time passion. Now, with the opportunity of a year-round location at Boston Public Market, WILD & FREE is transforming into thePACK, a cohesion of business and creative minds who will become the PACK as the business takes a quantum leap into new territory!
thePACK: adornments capture ethereal elegance in simplicity through a love of tiny detail. With just a hammer, pliers, and anvil, a limitless variety of adornments are created using only wire, chain, and stones. MK is often in the woods north of Boston, studying the quiet strength of forests and, in particular, mosses to draw inspiration for growing her business and how to pattern her designs.