Vendor Application Form

Business Plan

Your business plan is the central focus of this application process and should include the following information broken down in corresponding sections. To the degree that you wish to include additional information, please break it out separately at the end of the plan.

Executive Summary (250 words or less)

Succinctly introduce your concept; its originality and strengths for this market and within your category of product.

Vending Plan (1000 words or less)

  1. Assortment. Please provide a product list/menu of items that will be offered. Be as specific as possible. We understand and expect there will be modifications.
  2. Sourcing and production. In our efforts to build a market that reflects the breadth and strength of our local economy, please indicate (where applicable) the sourcing and provenance of your assortment. If you will be acting as an aggregator/consolidator of local products, you should indicate the specific producers with whom you will partner. If you will be selling prepared foods please highlight the locally sourced ingredients used in your products.
  3. Price list. Include as much information as you currently have regarding pricing.
  4. Seasonality. If your product assortment is impacted by seasonal fluctuations, please indicate how and any ways in which you will account for those changes.

One-Year Marketing and Education Plan (500 words or less)

We view all of our vendors as our partners in making the market a welcoming and inclusive showcase for local food. Please describe potential areas of collaboration with the BPMA, other vendors, community organizations or the greater Market District. This may include: product demonstrations, marketing, messaging, community outreach, etc. This should include how you intend to promote a greater knowledge of locally produced food within your stall or through product demonstration.

Operations Plan (1000 words or less)

All responses should include an operations plan that describes the following:

  1. Proposed hours of stall operation. The market hours are 8am - 8pm Monday – Saturday, and 10am – 6pm Sundays. Please indicate and explain your preferred hours of operation if they extend beyond these hours.
  2. Deliveries. The BPM will have one loading area and all vendors will be asked to make deliveries according to a schedule. Please indicate the number of deliveries you are anticipating making on a weekly basis, indicating any seasonal fluctuations. Explain how you will transport your goods from dock to stall.
  3. A Green Market. The market will make efforts to reduce and recycle all market waste. Describe your operation's waste stream and how you will incorporate elements of environmental sustainability. Waste reduction and environmentally friendly products are encouraged.
  4. Cleanliness. Both the aesthetics and health code safety issues surrounding food service are critical. Describe measures that will be taken to keep your stall clean and to code.
  5. Employment. Indicate the number of employees who will be dedicated to staffing and supplying your stall, as well as your total number of employees. This may be premature for you to be able to answer, but to the degree that you can characterize your workforce, please do so. Will your employees speak more than one language? Will they have a familiarity with your production standards? How often will you be on site? Do you anticipate hiring new staff either at the market or for your off-site production operations? If so, how many people?

Pro Forma

Income projection for first year of operation at BPM, illustrating sales projections and operating expenses.

Existing Sales Outlets (200 words or less)

Describe current or past retail and wholesale outlets or any current sales models (grocery, CSAs, restaurants, farmers markets, etc.).

Letters of Support

Please provide at least two letters of support from your business associates.

Financial Interest

Leases and rents will differ by vendor based on their location in the market, the size of the stall, length of lease term, initial build-out of the stall, and the type of product. Rents will be a combination of a base per square foot rent and a percentage of sales that is capped on an annual basis.

Minimum market base rent will average $75 per square foot plus a small percentage of sales to be determined. At $75 per square foot (some rents may be more), a 100 square foot stall operator should expect to pay $625 a month in base rent, plus a percentage of sales, and utilities (booth and shared).

As part of the first step in the application process, vendors are required to submit a statement of "Financial Interest." We ask you to reflect a financial offer (or rent structure) that you feel is both profitable for you and fair for the rest of the market. Your rents will go to cover the costs of running the marketplace, including labor, maintenance, marketing and promotions, utilities, and marketplace programming.

Respondents are asked to propose an annual leasing rate for their base rent and a lease term:

1. Square footage required and preferred location in the market (see attached)
2. Proposed base rent and percentage of sales.
3. Suggested leasing term.
4. Sketch of stall and description - including items needed for booth build-out: dry/cool storage, shelving, cabinetry, number of sinks, refrigerated cases, icemakers, ovens, etc.
This offer is only one of many criteria and the BPMA reserves the right to select vendors who are not the highest bidders.


While it is not mandatory, vendors are encouraged to send photos and/or videos of 5 minutes or less that tells us who you are, why you want to be a vendor at the Boston Public Market, how you will contribute to its success and what it will mean for your business. Images of farms and production facilities are similarly welcomed.

Submitting Your Application

Proposals require a submittal fee of $50.
This is a non-refundable fee payable to "The Boston Public Market Association" by check or money order with "Vendor Application" indicated in the notes, which should be mailed to: The Boston Public Market Association, PO Box 130457, Boston, MA 02113.
All questions about the application process should be sent to: