Whisk(e)y Blind Tasting Challenge with Taylor & Taylor Whiskey

Presented by The Trustees and Taylor & Taylor Whiskey

One of the great challenges for every whiskey drinker is honing your palate. There is no better way to do it than to taste blind! This tasting will feature whiskeys from the hottest whiskey categories in the world.

In this interactive tasting class, we will explore the nuances of different styles of whiskey. We will talk briefly about their history and how that affects the flavor, and then we will dig into our blind tasting! Bring your A game… whoever wins the blind tasting will walk away with a prize and all kinds of street cred. Nick and Zach Taylor, of Taylor & Taylor Whiskey Co.,will help you navigate the world whiskey landscape while sampling some exceptional whiskeys.

We’ll also provide a local cheese and snack board for participants to enjoy!

About Taylor & Taylor Whiskey Co.

Taylor & Taylor Whiskey Co. is a whiskey education company and nascent independent bottler. We offer a range of experiences from major events with master distillers to local seminars discussing the fundamentals of whiskey. In addition, we hunt for and bottle unique and exceptional barrels of whisk(e)y that we make available directly to our mailing list. More information can be found here: taylorwhiskey.com.

Nick and Zach Taylor are whiskey instructors, writers and travelers, having visited over 65 distilleries in the United States, Scotland and Japan and written numerous pieces. In addition to writing and speaking about whiskey, Nick and Zach are founders of Taylor & Taylor Whiskey Co., a nascent whiskey education company and independent bottler, which they are working hard to grow.

Nick and Zach love to be active in every part of the whiskey hobby and industry and their enthusiasm, first-hand involvement in sourcing whiskey and abundant whiskey knowledge make them entertaining and informative hosts (and very happy ones).

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