New Website Provides a Fresh New Taste of the Boston Public Market


Vendors are moving into the Market. Crops are ready to be picked. Fishermen are arriving on the shores of Cape Cod with the freshest catch of the day. And today, as we get closer to the Market’s opening on July 30th, we’re thrilled to launch our new website. 

Like the Market itself, this website is designed to highlight our vendors and their products, as well as what’s going on in the KITCHEN and on the Market floor. When you first land on the website, the #BostonPublicMarket social feed allows you to experience what is happening at the market in real-time. Whether it’s a fresh batch of Union Square Donuts’ best-selling Maple Bacon, a colorful organic smoothie from Mother Juice or the daily seafood special from Red’s Best, the social feed will keep visitors up to date on what’s fresh and new at the Market. 

Visitors to the website can experience the latest and greatest at the market, including classes in the 3,200 square foot KITCHEN—programmed by The Trustees of Reservations—and happenings on the bustling Market floor. Be sure to check back often for the latest classes and events, and sign up to participate!

Are you looking for the freshest greens and herbs grown in recycled shipping containers in East Boston? How about hand-selected smoked seafood produced using sustainably harvested fish? The Boston Public Market showcases the variety and quality of food grown, produced or caught in Massachusetts and throughout New England, and our beautiful new vendor page highlights this uniqueness. Learn about our terrific vendors and all that they have to offer, and locate each of their stalls within the Market.  

Fresh and dynamic, just like the Market floor, our new website is designed to showcase our vendors and their products that make Massachusetts and New England unique. Check out the website, learn about our vendors, stay up to date on the latest and greatest at the Market and in the KITCHEN and come visit us starting July 30th!