Boston Public Market is Accepting Taproom Proposals

UPDATE (2/22/2019): FAQ’s

How big is the space for rent?

The taproom space has two size options: 590 sq ft and 1300 sq ft. BPMA does not have a preference of which For photos, a layout or measurements of the space please email


Where is the space?

The space is in the Northeast corner of the Market down a ramp from Red’s Best and Stillman’s Farm. It is along a wall of windows facing the Rose Kennedy Greenway.


Is the space plumbed and does it have electric?

Yes. The space has plumbing, electric and ventilation.


Are you only interested in beer producers?

We welcome proposals from producers of beer or cider in Massachusetts or New England. We are not looking for a wine or spirits producer for this space at this time. 


Can we be open outside of Market hours?

We welcome proposals with hours that vary from Market hours. If approved, BPMA will work with you to determine a plan to allow for alternate hours. 


Is outdoor seating a possibility?



How much foot traffic do you see in the Market?

We are happy to share Market data. Please email for details. 


How does licensing work?

Licensing will depend on where your brewery is based and your concept for the space.  We have consulted with the ABCC and the Boston Licensing Board.  We have been advised that assuming the submission of a complete application, a Section 19C Farmer Brewer’s License could be obtained by a Farmer Brewer through ABCC (which would not require manufacturing on site at the Boston Public Market provided manufacturing/producing is being done by you elsewhere).  Once that license is received, you may pursue the Section 19(n) license through the Boston Licensing Board and ABCC.  Alternatively, a Section 12 License could be obtained to operate the tap room.  We encourage you to consult directly with ABCC and the Boston Licensing Board for further details and we are committed to working with you and those agencies to facilitate the licensing issues.  


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UPDATE (2/15/2019): We have received overwhelming interest in the RFP for a taproom at the Boston Public Market. We are doing our best to respond to all inquiries. In light of the volume, we are extending the deadline to Thursday, February 28th, 2019. We will be available through the 28th to answer questions and give tours of the space.

We are looking for letters of interest and general concepts for the space. Final details and designs are not required for this phase of the process.

If you are interested in responding to this RFP and would like to speak with a member of our team please email Casey Hogan at

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(2/11/2019) Boston Public Market is excited to launch a request for proposal for a taproom in the Market. We are looking for a New England brewery to join our community of 34 vendors to serve their beer here in the Market seven days a week to our over 2.5 million visitors each year.

BPMA is excited to extend this opportunity to a strong brewery partner and to have this new concept in the Market. After seeing the success of a number of beer pop ups in the Market, we are confident a permanent taproom will be a great opportunity for a local brewery as well as a value to our customers and benefit to our community as a whole.

We have a beautiful space in the northeast section of the Market ready for a brewery to make their own. If your business is interested in this new opportunity please review the RFP below. The deadline for proposals is Friday, February 15th, 2019. If you would like to discuss a concept with our team or ask questions please contact Casey Hogan at

The RFP can be found here: