TTOR Seeks Programming Partners for Kitchen

The Trustees of Reservations is now seeking proposals from organizations and individuals interested in becoming programming partners in the Boston Public Market Kitchen.

Working with the Boston Public Market Association and The Trustees, partners will help build a diverse offering of programs designed to highlight regional culinary traditions and local food production, as well as inspire healthy eating and creative cooking among families and individuals. Centered on the themes of Cooking and Food Production, Health & Wellness, and Sustainability and Environmental Education, programs will include a mix of educational workshops, skill building programs, tours and events designed to be relevant and accessible to the Boston community as well as Market visitors and patrons.

The 3,200 square foot state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen will operate in conjunction with the Boston Public Market’s hours of operation. The independent space is based on a modular design that can accommodate a full range of events and teaching formats.

The largest private farm-land owner in the Commonwealth, The Trustees is committed to building a more sustainable food system through community supported agriculture (CSA) programs, farm stands, livestock operations, pantry donations, “food by prescription” programs, farmer apprenticeship programs, day camps, cooking classes, and community gardens. The organization offers more than 900 public programs, workshops, and events annually across the state.

The request for proposal deadline for launch partnerships is March 31, 2015, but applications received after this date will continue to be considered on a rolling basis.

For complete program proposal details visit their website.

Proposals and questions can be emailed to Mimi Hall, Boston Public Market Program Manager at

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