Introducing the BPM Blueberry!

Making Fresh, Local Produce Mobile

Beep beep! The BPM Blueberry, our brand-new mobile produce trike, is here and already making quite a name for itself. With two full years at our main location under our belt, we’re now ready to take to streets of Boston in order to bring fresh, local fruits & veggies to the broader community.

Cute AND Strong!

With its bright blue coat of paint, veggie decals, and watermelon helmet, this three-wheeled cutie is quite the head-turner. Lucky for you, not only is the BPM Blueberry quite a sight to behold, but it also can carry up to 400 pounds of produce at a time . . . talk about a double-threat!

Think you’ve seen us around?

You’re probably right! July 7th marked the debut of the BPM Blueberry, featuring back-to-back appearances at City Hall’s summer meals program and the first of many Fresh Fridays at Boston Children’s Museum. These first couple trips were so successful that we’re already itching to get back out there and keep delivering the best of New England’s bounty to community spaces all throughout the city. You can keep up with adventures by following @BPMBlueberry on Twitter!

Fresh Fridays

The first of the four-part series was a smash hit. Fresh Fridays are our weekly collaboration with Boston Children’s Museum and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation to inspire families to eat fresh, healthy food together and in fun, innovative ways. There’s live music, there’s funky kitchen tools, and there’s local produce (& lots of it!). If you ask us, this is a can’t-miss event.

There was plenty to do at the first Fresh Friday. Attendees even got to learn how to make zoodles (zuchinni noodles) with a spiralizer! As if that weren’t enough, each little food-lover also got to fill a tote with produce from the wide selection of fresh, local bounty and were given healthy recipes to give them some inspiration for how to transform their delicious fruits and veggies into an equally delicious meal! 

To learn more about Fresh Fridays, check out our previous blog post,  Boston Children’s Museum’s page and the Facebook event page!

Want the BPM Blueberry to come to you? We’re always looking for more ways to engage with our community, and would love the opportunity to partner with you! Email Mackenzie Sehlke, Director of Programming and Community Engagement, at to request a special #BPMBlueberry appearance.