Boston Public Market Launches ‘Dinner Tonight’ Campaign to Encourage Seasonal Cooking

This week, the Boston Public Market is launching ‘Dinner Tonight,’ a new campaign to encourage cooking experimentation with 30 fall-focused recipes that can be prepared with fresh, local, seasonal ingredients from the Market’s vendors.

“Cooking at home is delicious and healthy and the Boston Public Market is a great resource for our community to learn about cooking, nutrition, and local sourcing,” said Cheryl Cronin, CEO of the Boston Public Market. “We want to make sure that our neighbors in Boston have the tools and knowledge to cook at home and enjoy the local bounty of our Market vendors with family and friends.”

The ‘Dinner Tonight’ campaign, which was launched at the Let’s Talk About Food Festival on Saturday, showcases favorite recipes from Market staff and vendors and the key ingredients needed to prepare them at home. The simple, delicious recipes come in 4 different categories: Eat You Veggies, Make it Quick, Cook for Everyone, and Try Something New, and help visitors learn how to navigate the Market floor and explore vendors and their offerings.

At a display next to the Info Desk inside the Market, visitors can browse the recipes, take copies home, and pick up everything they need on the way home from work, as they’re grabbing lunch, or throughout the day when they visit the Market. Recipe examples include Kale Stem Pesto, Fish Tacos & Kohlrabi Slaw, Sausage & Collard Cobbler, and a Beef & Bok Choy Rice Bowl. Visitors can return and rate their favorite recipes. New options will rotate into the selection for Thanksgiving and the holiday season.

“September in New England is magic. Market tables still groan under glorious tomatoes, blueberries, and rainbow chard. Artichokes make a brief, spectacular appearance, and displays bristle with peppers, hot and sweet. The best of fall in New England is a bonanza of sunshine mixed with a crisp, tart bounty,” said Mackenzie Sehlke, Director of Community Education and Engagement for the Boston Public Market, and a registered nutritionist. “All the bits and leftover pieces contribute something wonderful to lots of recipes. Take a cue from our farmers and enjoy the harvest while planning for the winter. Our fall recipes seek to help you enjoy the bounty of New England and waste less at the same time.”

Follow the Market’s social media accounts to learn more about ‘Dinner Tonight,’ participate in contests, or post photos of your finished product for the Market to share.